Care Economy

For stays in Austria up to 90 days

Suitable for: Foreign guests, tourists, travelers for educational purposes (e.g. students, language school students, au pairs), professional expatriates, actors/actresses/film crews


Care Economy health insurance: benefits in detail


BenefitsCare Economy
toll-free service numberJa
out-patient treatment by a doctorJa
inpatient treatment in the hospital, standard care class (multiple-bed rooms) – no optional benefits (including follow-up treatment)Ja
prescription medications and dressingsJa
pregnancy examinations and treatment; delivery (after the 8-month waiting period)Ja
medically prescribed massages, medical packs and inhalersJa
prescription ambulance servicesJa
transport in case of death/burial costs up to EUR 25,000.00Ja
pain-relieving dental treatment and repair of existing dental prosthesis at 100%, up to max. EUR 300.00 Ja
prescription medical aids following an accidentJa
additional costs for medically advisable repatriation up to EUR 25,000.00Ja
direct settlement with doctors, hospitals, etc. via medical treatment certificates (only in Germany/Austria)Ja
No deductibleJa
For a complete list of benefits please see the insurance terms and conditions.


Premium overview Health insurance Care Economy
One-time premium Health insurance
Duration of coverage up to ... daysbis zu 64 Jahren65-74 Jahre
901,18 EUR / Tag3,48 EUR / Tag
Minimum premium per person and duration: EUR 10

Reise-Haftpflicht- und Unfallversicherung

Personal liability insuranceTyp STyp MTyp XL
Lump sum coverage for personal injury and property damage1 Mio. EUR2 Mio. EUR2,5 Mio. EUR
Deportation costs to cover legal obligations of the policyholder against German and Austrian authorities1.000,– EUR2.000,– EUR3.000,– EUR
Co-insurance of damage to rented property for immovable objects, deductible 10%, minimum EUR 250.00 per claim10.000,– EUR25.000,– EUR50.000,– EUR
Loss-of-key coverage for private dwellings (i.e. room or apartment), deductible EUR 100.00 per claim--1.000,– EUR
Professional liability insurance--25.000,– EUR
Loss of receivables insurance--10.000,– EUR
General deductible per claim250,– EUR0,– EUR0,– EUR
Accident insuranceTyp STyp MTyp XL
Basic disability benefit-30.000,– EUR40.000,– EUR
Maximum disability benefit with a degree of disability of 350%-105.000,– EUR140.000,– EUR
Death benefit in the event of accidental death-15.000,– EUR25.000,– EUR
Rescue costs following an accident-7.500,– EUR10.000,– EUR
Cosmetic operations due to an accident-2.500,– EUR5.000,– EUR
Premium overview Care ProtectorTyp STyp MTyp XL
Monthly premium2,– EUR4,– EUR7,50 EUR
The premium must be paid as a one-time premium for the entire duration of coverage. You can only pay the premium on a monthly basis if you have selected direct debit/monthly as your payment method/frequency and have chosen at least 6 months as the duration of insurance coverage. For a complete list of benefits please see the insurance terms and conditions.